October 29, 2008

Jim's Love Songs 1985

Not a lot of time for useless drivel today. Uncle Vernon pissed on a pile of clean clothes this morning as I watched. We killed him. That is all. Happy Halloween.

Here is a compilation of tunes by Jimmy Flemion, one half of the Frogs, called “Jim’s Love Songs 1985.” It has some real gems on it, including the wonderful “Hooray, Boo Hoo” and “Sick Hicks.” These are love songs for the fucked up. If you like the Frogs, and I hope you do, this one is a neat glimpse into their songwriting process. Enjoy.

Jim’s Love Songs 1985

1. Funhouse
2. Moon & Sun
3. Flower in her hand
4. She’s So Young #1
5. She’s So Young #2
6. Arrogant
7. That’s the Girl I Love
8. Megalomaniac
9. Time to Sleep
10. Goodbye
11. Let’s Smash the Clocks
12. Mr. Right
13. Tunnel of Love
14. Secrets of Love
15. Don’t Wake Up the Dead
16. It’s so Hard to Believe (That you love me)
17. Understand
18. Gypsy Drawl
19. You’re Lost
20. The Kennedy’s Killed Monroe
21. The Ocean Tide
22. Hooray, Boo Hoo
23. I Can’t Help But Fall in Love with You
24. Bite Down Hard
25. Sick Hicks

Download Jim's Love Songs 1985

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