October 6, 2008

Meow Mix Vol. 4 -- It Feels Like Heaven ... kitty heaven.

Uncle Vernon is going through a weird, existential phase at the moment I type this. You see, this past weekend we expanded our family by exactly one more feline, a male longhaired, distant or direct cousin or sibling of Vernon. We named him “Cheswick,” for the character in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Vernon, as you can imagine, is displeased and perplexed. It didn’t help that “Chezzie” came with a vicious infestation of the fleas.

(Pictures are forthcoming. Of Chezzie, not the fleas.)

Vernon’s dissatisfaction with the weekend has provoked much listening, on his part, to the Replacements. Paul Westerberg, and his catalogue, is apparently a BIG DEAL in the world of cats. I've read, though, about how cats go through a rather "human" teenage angst period. I thought he was just having a bad day, but after consuming a bottle of 12-year-old George Dickel and stealing the family’s supply of marijuana (how does he light up with those kitty paws?) we’d had enough. He kept repeating, “I’m so Unsatisfied” until we had to lock him in the bathroom. Cheswick seems completely ambivalent to the whole situation. I’m hoping the situation works itself out.

Dear cat lovers, will you please tell me what type of kitten food you use? I’m not exactly made of money (that would be weird, especially if it were coins…heavy) and cat food isn’t cheap. What’s the best bang for the buck? I’m leaning toward a dry food called Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care Indoor Kitten Food. It seems to be getting the best reviews. Suggestions?

Also, do cats…well, kittens….need to eat EVERY day? It seems a bit excessive to feed them so much.

The following is the best Meow Mix yet. The first track is just wicked cool guitar music from a compilation album called “Group inerane: Guitars from Agadez (Music from Niger).” Other highlights include a new track from Dungen, a classic “autumn” tune from Robyn Hitchcock & a really catchy song from Bill Fay. Vernon insisted I include some Replacements. Is it any surprise he chose “Sixteen Blue” from Let it be? And let it be known, Prefab Sprout is anything but “cool,” but I really like that song and I think you will too.

Meow Mix Vol. 4

1. Kuni Majagani – V/A (Group Inerane)
2. Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March – The Box Tops
3. Ghost Town Blues – Prefab Sprout
4. Aguas De marco – Antonio Carlos Jobim & Elis Regina
5. Maleras Finest – Dungen
6. Autumn is Your Last Chance – Robyn Hitchcock
7. 90101-51-I – Autechre
8. Heaven – Pere Ubu
9. I Fall in Love Too Easily – Chet Baker
10. The Sun – Mirah
11. I’ll Cry Alone – Flamin’ Groovies
12. Rocky Road – Alabama Sacred Harp Singers
13. Maudy La Lune – Bill Fay
14. Sixteen Blue (alternate outtake) – The Replacements

Download Meow MIX Vol. 4

Enjoy. Feedback is requested. Let me know if you like the mix.

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