October 15, 2008

Norman & Nancy Blake @ the Barking Legs 2004

Chattanoogans are lucky in a few ways. The first is that we’re nestled in the heart of Bluegrass music. I can’t tell you how many Bluegrass festivals, concerts and pickin’ parties I’ve been to during my seven year stay here. One of the legends of ‘pickin is Norman Blake. He and his wife, Nancy, live in Rising Fawn Ga., just a 20-minute drive from here over the state line. This means that, on occasion, the couple will leave the farm and perform a concert, most of the time at the Barking Legs Theater…the other reason Chattanoogans are lucky.

The Barking Legs is an intimate, 120 capacity venue in a less-than favorable area of the city. I’ve volunteered (…speaking as myself, not the cat this time) there for years. I encourage seeing a show there if you’re ever in the area. The show posted below still stands out in my mind, as it was the first time I’d heard Norman perform live.

This concert from 2004 is loaded with highlights: Notable performances include the hilarious “The Bragging Song,” a beautiful rendition of “All the Good Times Are Over,” and, of course, “Big Rock Candy Mountain” and “You Are My Sunshine” from the Grammy winning “O Brother Where Art Thou” movie soundtrack.

Good stuff. A true legend.

Norman & Nancy Blake
Barking Legs Theatre, Chattanooga TN

Part 1

1. Katy Kline
2. All the Good Times Are Over
3. The Battleship of Maine
4. Precious Moments
5. The Old Grey Mare Come Tearing Out the Wilderness
6. Sweet Freedom
7. The Bragging Song
8. I Loved You Better Than You Knew
9. Ms. Forbes Farewell
10. Flower From the Fields of Alabama

Part 2

1. stage banter
2. The Fate of Talmadge Osborne
3. Dixie Cowboy
4. Big Rock Candy Mountain
5. You Are My Sunshine
6. Meet Me In the Shadow of the Pines
7. Camp Meeting On the Fourth of July
8. The Fiddler’s Dram -→ Whiskey Before Breakfast
9. Coleman’s March
10. Little Log Hut in the Lane
11. We’re Climbing Jacob’s Ladder
12. The Sunny Side of Life
13. The Hobo’s Last Ride
14. E: Cannonball

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

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Patrick Dirickx said...

wow what a great, great find !!!!
I got to know Norman Blake some 20 odd years back when I found his CD with Tony Rice in a car boot sale, and have tried to get my hands on as much of his recordings as possible ... and this is a great addition to my collection ! Thanks from the other side of the ocean & keep up the good work !

Anonymous said...

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