September 30, 2008

Tim Easton @ the Tivoli Theatre in Chattanooga.

Today, we have a short, acoustic set from Tim Easton. It was recorded in 2003 at Chattanooga’s historic Tivoli Theatre. Tim was opening up for John Hiatt. The crowd was hooked on Tim from the first note. His gruff voice meshed with the guitar perfectly, and he ain’t too shabby on the harp either. The standout track for me is “just to be next to you, “ a song my girlfriend at the time particularly enjoyed. I got to see Tim about a year later at a benefit for the Lula Lake Land Trust, but this concert completely blows that one out of the water…ha…lake…water…puns.

The quality is superb. I don’t know if I’ve got a better sounding bootleg. This is highly recommended. I think you’ll like what you hear.

Sorry the tracklist is a bit of a mess. It shouldn’t be that hard to figure it out though. You guys are computer savvy intellectuals and what not...

Tim Easton @ Tivoli Theatre 8/9/03
Chattanooga, TN

1. Intro/I’m Lonely, Please Come Home
2. Poor Poor LA
3. “Harmonica Song”
4. Lexington Jail
5. Just to Be Next To You
6. Carry Me
7. Baltimore
8. I Was Taken By You
9. Don’t Walk Alone
10. Don’t Walk Alone (unplugged)

Download Tim Easton @ the Tivoli


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