September 23, 2008

Andrew Bird & Nora O' Connor in Chattanooga

Today, Uncle Vernon dipped into his vault of bootleg concerts from right here in beautiful, Eco-friendly Chattanooga, TN. His vault is a pretty good size considering he’s only 8-months old.

Andrew Bird has frequented Chattanooga on several occasions. Most often you’ll hear him at the Barking Legs Theater, an 85-seat intimate venue in town. This concert, however, was recorded in Coolidge Park, near the Tennessee River in North Chattanooga. The Park has a small stage and a huge field for concert-goers. They should have more live shows here, but they don’t for some reason.

Mr. Bird is joined by the lovely Nora O’ Conner in this set, which features some older Andrew Bird tunes and a wonderful cover of “Drunk by Noon” by the Handsome Family. I think (Think) this was a soundboard recording. The quality is too good. Unfortunately, it sounds as if there might be 50 people there. I have a bunch of wonderful sounding shows to share with you in the future. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Comment love is always appreciated. Well, any love really. Butt love? I’m interested in anything recorded in Chattanooga if anyone can help.


Andrew Bird & Nora O’ Connor
Coolidge Park, Chattanooga, TN 5-19-2003

1. Why?
2. Opposite Day
3. 11:11
4. Banking on a Myth
5. Waiting to Talk
6. Drunk By Noon (Handsome Family)
7. First Song
8. Sweetbreads
9. Imitosis
10. Richmond Woman
11. Spanish For Monsters
12. Headsoak
13. A Glass of Cool Water

Download Andrew Bird & Nora O’ Connor


Lesley said...

Thanks Uncle Vernon, for reaching down into your vast collection and bringing this to the surface. I love Andrew Bird.

Linnea said...

Thank you for this!

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