September 18, 2008

The Frogs -- San Francisco 5-19-03

Uncle Vernon LOVES the Frogs. Lucky for him, so do I. We decided today we would post a live Frogs show from 2003.

About the Frogs:

Two brothers (Jimmy & Dennis Flemion) began writing absurd songs about random, borderline disgusting, subject matter. Their albums “It’s only right an natural” and “My Daughter the Broad” are simply genius. Billy Corgan (of the Smashing Pumpkins) and Kurt Cobain (…some band I don’t recall) are/were fans of the Frogs. Is it offensive? Well…to some, yeah, it probably is. I find it hilarious. Let me know if you find it hilarious too.

This is a good-quality recording from 2003. The highlights include “Homos” “Where’s Jerry Lewis?” “Hot Cock Annie” and the opening cut “Starboy.” The whole set is a rollicking good time though.

The Frogs: San Francisco 5-19-2003

1. Starboy
2. Sleep On the Street
3. The Rubble & the Priest
4. San Francisco Nights (Animals)
5. I’ve Done Drugs…
6. (This City is Gay, yes?)
7. Homos
8. I Only Play 4 Money
9. Adam & Steve
10. DreamBox
11. Where’s Jerry Lewis?
12. Who’s been Sucking On Grandpa’s Balls (since Grandma ain’t tonight??
13. N.Y.B.
14. Persian Cat
15. Hot Cock Annie
16. (See No Evil)
17. Pleasure
18. Dykes Are We/Baby Greaser George
19. Let it Be/The Goat/Rock n’ Roll Suicide
20. Fuck Off

Download the Frogs

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