September 19, 2008

Two Man Gentlemen Band on Chattanooga's Times Free Press MUSICcast

Occasionally, I'll post a live interview or so from my work with the Times Free Press newspaper. This is an interview we did with the Two Man Gentleman Band before their performance at a local venue called JJ's Bohemia. Also playing in town that evening was a little band called ZZ Top. I went to see the Two Man Gentleman band along with about 10 other people. Don't regret it at all.

You'll hear a brief interview with the band and a few tunes performed live in the confines of Studio '99. The songs are "When Your Lips Are Playing My Kazoo" and "William Henry Taft."

The Two Man Gentleman band are a trip to the past, filled with high-pitched vocals and kazoos...gasp. This is music to be enjoyed. Straight up fun from the 1920's . Oh, and if you go to a show you get a free kazoo. ZZ Top doesn't give you anything and their shirts are $45.00. Seriously.

Listen to the Two Man Gentleman Band in Chattanooga

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