September 22, 2008

Meow Mix vol. 2

Uncle Vernon is becoming more and more of a nuisance since he discovered UK Acid Folk music. He sits, headphones adorned, bobbing his head and occasionally twitching to and fro. He can’t type, but for some reason he’s able to light incense sticks and brew Earl Grey tea. I’ve always been an oolong or Darjeeling fan myself, so his obsession with “English” tea really punches my buttons. Although, I enjoy Burt Jansch, Sandy Denny, Mellow Candle, Pentangle etc., his constant need to blast it 24/7 is becoming more than I can handle. But dear readers, how does one return an 8-month old cat to the shelter for reasons of “exceptional musical taste, but an unwillingness to cooperate with the household rules” without sounding completely off his knocker? I wish I could tell them he poops in the floor, but it just isn’t the case. Maybe I could poop on the floor, take a picture of it and use it as evidence against him?

The spray bottle discipline technique is becoming a joke. He just laughs. Meow Ha Meow Ha. It’s ridiculous and he only does it in front of me. He also called me a failed “Willy o’ Winsbury” when I scolded him for attacking our toilet paper holder. I don’t even know what that means. He said, “You want to Pentangle?” I told him to leave me alone, that he was scaring me. If he weren’t such an adorable purr-monster I’d have put him out on the streets long ago.

His latest Meow Mix (…a weekly collection of Uncle Vernon’s current musical obsessions) features a tad bit of UK Folk. Other highlights include Italian-bluegrass picker Beppe Gambetta and a few rare, released/unreleased versions of some Warren Zevon tunes. Italian composer Riz Ortolani is catnip for the ears, preceded by Erik Enocksson’s “The Nylon Waltz,” a sort of catnap for the ears. I added Richard Thompson’s “I can’t wake up to save my life” because I wish it were the case. Unfortunately, a certain cat (rhymes with Smuncle Turnon) likes to lick my facial hair at 2am for no apparent reason.

Enjoy this week’s Meow Mix.

MEOW MIX vol. 2

1. On the Road with Momma – Beppe Gambetta
2. Without a Word – Giant Sand
3. Coming Home to Me – Dando Shaft
4. Diana – Comus
5. Are You Swimming in Her Pools? – Swan Lake
6. The Nylon Waltz – Erik Enocksson
7. Girolimoni – Riz Ortolani
8. Tule’s Blues – Warren Zevon
9. Hat Song – Kevin Ayers
10. I Can’t Wake Up to Save My Life – Richard Thompson
11. Accidentally Like a Martyr – Warren Zevon

Download Meow MIX vol. 2
Comments, suggestions on how to off the cat, are welcome.

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